Our First MicroGig – Miriam Jones, Feb 27th, London

OK! We (that’s Lobelia and I) are hosting our first MicroGig.

The artist in question is Miriam Jones. Why did we ask Miriam? Because she’s an amazing musician, but more than that, she’s really funny and engaging on stage, and struck us as the perfect person for an intimate evening of songs and stories and food and magicalness.

So, the details are pretty much as sketched out in this post:

  • Tickets are £10
  • There also anther obligatory £10 for a USB memory stick full of amazing digital goodies from Miriam (loads of music, probably some photos, video etc… way more than £10 worth, that’s for sure, and if you’re the kind of person who prefers CDs, she may well be up for swapping the Stick for a couple of good ole fashioned discs instead.)
  • Start time will be 6 (arrive) 6.30 music. Aiming to finish nice ‘n’ early too. Why? Because we can 🙂
  • There’ll be soup.
  • Bring your own drinks (tea and coffee provided)

Want to hear Miriam? Here’s her solo collection, the Solitary Songs:

<a href="http://miriamjones.bandcamp.com/album/the-solitary-songs">Come Clean (April) by Miriam Jones</a>

Sold? Great, the way to reserve a place is email me (steve lawson), confirm that one of the TEN places is yours (there are only 10 tickets!) then paypal the money to Miriam to confirm. (Details on booking).

That’s it. Turn up at our house (address available on booking), enjoy an evening of amazingly awesome music and fun, and then rebook for March’s gig. (more on that v. soon!)

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  1. Kevin Says:


    Is this living room gig sold out? I’ll be on my way back from deepest South London and could possibly stop by. Will you be playing Steve, and what’s the soup?



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